All Star Tryouts


REMINDER:  All-Star tryouts for all age groups (8 years olds - 12 year olds) are being held this Sunday (May 17th).  

The time and field assignments are as follows:   
8 year olds- from 1-3PM on Finnell Field.   
9 year olds- from 1-3PM on Field A (the field before the playground).   
10 year olds- from 3:30-5:30PM on Field B.   
11 Year olds- from 1-3PM on Creteau Field   
12 year olds- from 1-3PM on Memorial Field.  

Field Clean Up - Cancelled Due To Field Conditions for Parent/Kids - It will now be Coaches only


Field Clean Up Day Has Been Cancelled Due to Field Conditions  
 For Parents / Kids
Coaches Are Still Expected to be there          
        Saturday 4/25/15 9 AM—12 PM
Please bring rakes and tarps